Facebook Group Rules

English is the only language allowed here.

No spamming or advertising.
No spamming or advertising of websites,blogs,Facebook pages, Facebook groups, etc. This is not a place for promoting your blog posts or YouTube videos to get more views.

No off-topic discussions.
No off-topic discussions. Posts, comments, links, images, videos, etc. of anything that is not related to Xbox are considered off-topic. This group is for the Xbox only.

No unrelated questions.
Don't ask or reply to unrelated questions in comments on someone else's post.

Respect other members and Admins.
No arguments or offensive/abusive words against any member or Admin of the group.

No discrimination.
No discrimination of members because of their ethnirc origin, culture, religion, gender, etc.

Don't force your personal opinions or preferences
Don't force your personal opinions or preferences on other members of the group.

No game videos
Don't share your game stream videos.